• Blueberry Banana Muffin Smoothie

    Hello Friend,  I love this smoothie for so many reasons. It tastes great but also has some great health benefits. The KOS protein is to blame for most of it, and the ingredients are out of this world and a great combination. Since we are focusing on mushrooms in May, I will mention this protein powder contains Shiitake Mushroom Extract. This extract is known to help people have clear, glowing skin, support their liver, and lower cholesterol. Shiitake are rich in polysaccharides like lentinans and other…

  • My Community Mushroom Smoothie 🍄

    May is the month of the mushrooms at Vegezy Land— it’s the month I share all the mushroom recipes that I have created for the year. Here’s the first one for all of you. 🍄 1 Cup Frozen Peaches 🍄 1 Cup Frozen Strawberries 🍄 2 Bananas Frozen 🍄 2 droppers filled with My Community by Host Defense 🍄 64 oz of Coconut Water Combine all ingredients & drink.

  • Simple Vegan Collagen Smoothie for 1

    This is a basic smoothie made in this personal blender. It’s good on the go easy to make, using Conscious Kitchen’s wonderful plant-based collagen booster. 🍫 1 tbsp Conscious Kitchen’s Collagen Booster Chocolate Chili Flavor  🍫 1 banana (frozen or fresh)  🍫 3/4 bottle of Elmhurst Milked Oats Blueberry  Put all in a blender and blend. Enjoy my loves & have a wonderful day.

  • I tried a NEW Protein Powder

    This lovely find Conscious Kitchen Vegan Protein + Collagen Powder was so delicious. I didn’t do much adding to this recipe because I wanted to taste the flavor.  I did have trouble mixing it, but it was mostly my fault. I didn’t have a clean shaker bottle, and I put the protein in first before pouring in the liquid, and it wouldn’t mix well, so that’s how it turned into a smoothie. Next time ill try it plain. I love how this protein powder recipe is…

  • Frozen Strawberry Mint Chip Mocha

    I’m getting an end of my bottle of KOS mint chocolate chip. It is sad it was exciting to make all these different options today I made this wonderful drink and it was very creamy (that’s what I love about this KOS protein it’s very creamy and the flavor isn’t odd like some protein powders. 2 scoops KOS mint chocolate chip 2 cups frozen strawberry 2 bananas 8 oz of coffee 1 scoop of Happi Coffee powder 16 oz liquid (water or non-dairy milk) Blend.

  • Summer Passion Fruit Smoothie

    This bouquet of powerful greens in my hands has all the Vit A, C & K you need for the day. They are packed with minerals, antioxidants, and guess what? The kale even has omega 3’s and some 6 in them; wow! I made a smoothie with these, and it turned out a bit tart and was so good 💚💚💚💚 2 Scoops of Sun Warrior Plain Protein 1 cup of frozen passion fruit 2 leaves of Swiss Chard 6 leaves of assorted kale 2 frozen bananas…

  • La Couleur de La Mer Smoothie

    This is the color of my Dutch oven the color is called “La Mer” (French translation = the sea). So I chose to name the smoothie after its color twin. I was going to call this “La Mer Smoothie” but I thought the translation may come across as seafood smoothie (it’s not) unless you call spirulina a sea food but technically it’s from ponds so maybe I should have called this a Pond Water Smoothie? Too late. 2 tbsp Spirulina 2 scoops KOS chocolate mint 2…