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My New Buddy

A few nights ago I dreamed I had a little robot that flew above my shoulder. It was blue had wings and a long tail. When it detected anyone had bad intentions for me, the robot would beam them back away from my personal space. Other times just zap 💥 people just for being negative to me. If it knew the person was really toxic the robot would send a beam out and push them backward sending them far away from me. If they tried to come back it would make them go poof gone teleported across the globe.

I woke up feeling strong and powerful about this dream. I reflected on it thinking we all have our own inner boundaries robot. One that we can use anytime to help us understand and assert when we need boundaries. Warning us immediately when it’s necessary to check in with them.

I imagine this to be a helpful tool for things that we do that are bad for us, habits, relationships, self talk and ignoring self-care.

Imagine you had a robot that sat on your shoulder and helped you take care of your well being, an impartial judge that just knew good, bad and ok.

Who would this robot beam away from you? Who would this robot bring towards you.

The monthly focus this month is going to be “BOUNDARIES” I think its one of the easiest and hardest things we can do to improve our wellbeing.


I now give myself permission to set boundaries that support my self, my soul, my work and my life.

Supporting actions:

Give yourself permission to fearlessly assert your boundaries.

Journal it out:

Write about how you assert your boundaries with yourself and others. What are your boundaries? Do you need a boundary makeover?

XOXO 💋 — A

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