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Weekly Recipe Maca Mango Quinoa

This is one of my favorite easy meals for breakfast, it’s full of protein and has a twist with the maca that gives you a caffeine free boost in the morning. If you don’t like maca try another natural sugar like lucima or maple syrup adjust to taste.


🌱  1 cup of red quinoa

🌱  1 cup of non dairy milk

🌱  1 cup of water

🌱  1 teaspoon cinnamon

🌱  1 teaspoon of maca

🌱  1 teaspoon turmeric

🌱  3 dried figs (chopped)

🌱  2 tablespoons of pecans (chopped)


Combine the quinoa, milk, water, cinnamon, maca, turmeric, and dried fruit.  In a large saucepan cook over medium heat.

Cook, stirring until the mixture comes to a simmer.

Cover, reduce the heat to low and cook the quinoa until the liquid has been absorbed, 10 to 15 minutes.

Stir in the remaining ingredients and let the quinoa cereal rest 5 minutes.

Serve warm and enjoy.

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