NEW Vegan egg that cracks!

A vegan egg that cracks? It looks like an egg and cracks like an egg. It is an egg but with a twist. It’s vegan, and it is completely made cruelty-free.

In 2017 French bio-industrial students Sheryline and Philippine asked people who had adopted a vegan diet what they were missing.  The answer they got was eggs!! Aware of those of us that are allergic or intolerant to eggs they set a goal: to become the first hens with green eggs!

Merveilloeufs is the name. “They come in a similar form to a hen’s egg, that is, with a liquid white in which there is a spherical yellow that differs from white. To do this, we were inspired by molecular cooking techniques” say the two young engineers who are aiming to commercialize their vegan product in 2021.

If you would like to stay updated they have a website a Facebook page and an Instagram.

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