My Morning – Happy International Puppy Day!

It starts off with Shiloh at the end of my bed making Scooby-Doo noises. If I don’t wake up or pretend I’m sleeping they get louder and louder until she wakes me up. I head to the bathroom where she waits for me to brush my teeth. Then I let the cats in the back of the house and take Shiloh out to go potty. Every single time, she turns right back around and wants inside, she paws at the door as I’m loading up all their bowls with food. It’s breakfast time. Some days it goes smoothly, others not so much.

When I’m done with all of them I pop in a bagel in the toaster and start brewing tea.

Before I get a sip or bite it starts. Shiloh is in my face needing attention. So I grab all her toys and bring them to me and as I pick up each one I think “this is a tiny bit of sanity, this one sanity.” and one by one I collect them all wishing she had more. I bring them to where I’m sitting and Shiloh waits. I throw her ball she plays with it for a moment tossing it in the air, then charges back down the hall coming back to at for more. This goes on until she is tired out and then It starts “Penguiee is what I call him he’s her fave and she will bring me this penguin who I’ve always gushed over and said “this is my baby” and I tell her to be gentle and I hand it to her, she gently brings Penguiee back to me and I hand her, my baby, back and say “go play” and finally she lays down surrounded by toys satisfied.

I get to eat and start my day, she crawls up next to me and lays in my lap.

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