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Mushroom’s 🍄 and my mind circus 🎪

I love mushrooms 🍄 . I am obsessed. Last year I got a mushroom growing kit for my birthday. This year I got four more a Happy Birthday gift to myself. I’m excited it takes three weeks to get them, so I will prepare a spot for them and wait for their arrival.

WARNING ⚠️ You have now entered my mind 🎪 circus!

My new goal is to listen to TED talks every day. They are inspiring, helpful and remind me that there’s so much to learn and explore in this world. One caught my interest this guy he said if you study something for 1 hour a day by the end of the year, you will be an expert. I thought about all the hours and time spent studying nutrition and cooking, and still, I feel like a beginner, learning new things every day. It’s hard to focus on one thing. It’s such a vast topic. I thought about this. It bothers me. I’m not an expert at one thing at all. Who am I?

It took me down this rabbit 🐇 hole 🕳 of despair, and I’ve spent time away from the online galaxy 🌀 and in the world in my head and outside life trying to heal these hives I developed. Ignoring everything else because just the little bit of voice from a loved one screeched in my head, “you aren’t your best” yes, I know this; I have hives all over my fucking body. I am not my best.

Then I heard a talk from mycologists it changed me. It made me realize I do have passions, and even though they are scattered. I’m not an expert on this or that I am an expert on knowing many things, I’m like the table of contents to the encyclopedia, and that’s ok because that table of contents will get you to a page, and that is just as important as the actual page because without knowing where to go, you will never get there.

That’s what coaching is, being the sign at the fork of the road that gives you options.

I guess I’ve come to my fork in the road, and I’m looking for signs to follow. I need to focus on myself, something I started a long time ago and forgot.

You are now exiting the circus inside my head 🌀 🍄.

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