Welcome to 2020

Hello there- I hope you have settled into the new year and are enjoying it so far. Have you made any goals for the new year? I’m here to work with you. There is free coaching with your membership so why not take me up on this offer? My schedule is filling up quickly so click here and schedule a time.

I’ve been spending most of this new year trying to organize, coordinate and project manage things. It can get overwhelming and that’s when I have to remind myself to take a break and do some meditation and wait for my body to stop feeling so overwhelmed.

We have a lot going on with VegEzy I look at this as my garden and I’m planting all these little seeds and watering them and nurturing them, slowly they are growing roots and sprouting. So it is a really fun time right now to be playing in the VegEzy garden.

So the little sprouts that I’m excited about right now are the VegEzy Radio Show that is hosted by the good people at Radio Kaos and produced by Don. I am back in school taking a plant-based culinary chef class. We have Royal Nugz that just rolled out our first show, there are more coming soon so stay tuned.

I love you guys thanks for supporting me. So far we are 8 shows into our radio show and only 3 are released for replay to the public, this means that only YOU are getting the benefit of listening to our recent radio shows. 

Next week we roll out on YouTube how exciting is that? I will also be releasing some Patreon ONLY bonus audio from recordings so that should be a fun bonus for y’all.

There’s so much more to come, it’s just late and I wanted to get this out to y’all.

I wish you all a happy new year and thank you so much for your continued support. I 💚 you. Mucho Besos 💋

All my love,

Aimée 🍒

Creator of

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