Live Stream Dragon Bowl Video & Recipe

This is my favorite recipe for a smoothie bowl, It’s easy, delicious and hit’s the spot. The toppings are your choice and endless one of my favorites is a tablespoon of almond butter, this day I chose Blueberries, hemp seeds and cocoa buckwheat crisps.


­čĺť 1 cup strawberries frozen
­čĺť 1 cup blueberries frozen
­čĺť 2 bananas frozen
­čĺť 1 package of dragon fruit
­čĺť ┬áhealthy toppings (you choose)


I like to freeze my bowls before I make these because it helps for the smoothie bowl to not melt as fast.

Put all ingredients in blender and blend, put in bowl and top with toppings, then devour this tasty treat.


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