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Happy December. I have a lot going on and to keep track of it I have this mind map of a garden 🌺 that is in my head. I have all these little projects in various stages that need to be watered, and loved.

This month I am super busy working on bringing you content. I’m almost there but now I don’t want to bombard the world with everything right away but I kinda do at the same time. Wouldn’t it be cool to have just one giant love bomb 💣 of content all from moi. Like a huge hug to the world.

I am back to school. My dream since 2015 has been to go to culinary school for plant based cooking and now I am!! Omg 😱 ! I feel very blessed and want to scream out the window “I’m going to culinary school!! Muhahaha haha”.

I started podcasting with Radio KAOS producer, business manager, and good friend Don 🎙. The show is called “VegEzy Live” and it’s every Tuesday at 5 to 7 Pacific Time (repeats of last week) then 7 to 9 Pacific Time (new show.) So that’s like 4 hours a week of me talking WHAT? CRAZY!

A new show for Patrons Only is being filmed now! We have 3 episodes already. “Royal Nugz” is going to take you behind the scenes of a modern day medicinal kitchen. Come with me and learn from our expert Roll T on how to seamlessly add medicinal ingredients to everyday meals.

Breakfast @Aimee’s live is getting a makeover and I will be cooking lots of new things. It’s not just breakfast anymore!

I’m also offering some killer deals this month purchase any oils or happy coffee from me and get a 1 free months of 1 on 1 coaching with moi. So that’s a new fun thing.

VegEzy is on WordPress my baby is becoming an adult. We are getting the store back up on the new site and things are still a little wacky, but with so much going on there’s gonna be a bit of a mess.

Cya all around and I promise to be more active on Patreon with the next few weeks. I have a bunch of posts for y’all so just sit back relax and enjoy the show. 💓✨

My eternal love and appreciation. 💕

Aimée Lyn 🧜🏼‍♀️

PS it cost nothing to just follow me here on Patreon please feel free to do so. 💋

PSS I love you my human friend thank you for reading this 💗 my deepest appreciation.

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